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'Phone Lanes' for People who Can't Stop Texting and Walking | Via

Some places have lanes for bicycles, others for motorcycles, but there’s a place in mainland China that boasts a different type of lane altogether: one for phone addicts glued to their screens. According to a Chinese publication, the cellphone lane above was spotted along a place called Foreigner Street in Chongqing city, one of the five major cities in the country. The sidewalk was most likely painted on for everyone’s safety, because, hey, if there’s distracted driving, there’s also distracted walking, as perfectly demonstrated by the woman in this video.



A dress designed to change color in the rain, thanks to dye sewn into 
the seams. Created by Sean Kelly, Modeled by Angelica Guillen-Jimenez


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This has been sitting in my folders for some time now and thought I’d finish it before I forget what did I put in which layer. It’s an attempt to lineart including the background and boy was this a challenge.


but you know what they say about me

i’m having a moment

i’ve been watching this show for two years and i’m just realizing that those lines on the turtle’s head are his mouth, not some weird ridge or a dent

how did i not piece this together

especially because every other shot leading up to it shows his mouth. OMFG


Watch tonight’s new @midnight to find out which of these #SpookyCartoons was the spookiest.

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Anyone else miss Karai?

YES! And we may not see again her till season 3. At least season 3 starts in October.

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How To Deal With A Crush

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